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More opportunities than ever for GCSE Pupils

Students in Staffordshire who are nervously awaiting their GCSE results are being told there are now more opportunities than ever to achieve a fulfilling career.

Staffordshire County Councillor Philip White, Cabinet Member for Learning and Employability has said there are now lots of different options available to students post-GCSE, including A-Levels and apprenticeships.

Philip said:

“For many young people, today sees the culmination of years of study and months of revision.

“Students now have a wealth of choice for their education post-GCSEs, whether that’s at a school or college. There are great variety of different courses, meaning that whether people get their predicted grades, or did better or less well than expected, there are a huge range of options available to meet every individual’s interests and aspirations.”

Areas experiencing growth in Staffordshire include advanced manufacturing, construction, and health and social care and qualifications such as apprenticeships and the new T-Levels set to start in 2020 offer a highly effective route into careers in these and many other sectors.

Philip continued:

“In Staffordshire, we want to be sure that students have access to the best education and are able to make real choices about whether their future is best served by pursuing an academic path or a vocational one.

“As a county we should be matching young people’s aspirations with their skills, so when it comes to those all-important decisions about further education and a career, they will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to pursue them.”

For more information on the new performance measures, visit the county council’s special dedicated website at www.staffordshire.gov.uk/learningroutes.