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Nine out of 10 parents offered first choice primary school

Nine out of 10 parents in Staffordshire have been offered their first choice primary school, despite rises in pupil numbers putting pressure on school places.

Figures revealed today show the majority of parents have been allocated their first choice school, with 98 per cent in total allocated one of their top three preferred schools.

A total of 9,278 places have been allocated, with 8,565 of those receiving their first choice primary school and 9,110 getting one of their top three.  This is despite a rise in birth rate of up to 11 per cent in Staffordshire over the last decade putting more pressure on school places.

In 2014 the county council added more than 400 school places in both primary and secondary schools to cope with increasing demand.

In 2015, this number jumped to more than 1,300 school places, thanks in part to the opening of two brand new primary schools: Veritas Academy in Stafford and Five Spires Academy in Lichfield.

With birth rates set to rise again and a planned increase in local housing, the county council is now looking to build more primary and secondary schools in the areas where they are most needed.

County Councillor Ben Adams, Cabinet Member for Learning and Skills, said:

With an increasing population and new housing developments being built across the county, demand for primary and secondary school places means we have to work hard to ensure every child in Staffordshire has the choice to attend a good, local school.

We estimate that over the next 5 years, we will need around 7,000 primary and 3,000 secondary school places to meet expected demand. By building new schools and making better use of existing accommodation, we can ensure the majority of parents are offered one of the top three preferred places.

The next 15 years will see the school landscape change in Staffordshire.  This means that the work to ensure there are enough school places to cope with demand will continue for years to come.”

Parents will be receiving letters about the results from today onwards. Those who applied on the internet will be able to access the decision online from today.

Parents can also find out how they can help their children on their continuing school journey by visiting www.staffordshire.gov.uk/brightfuture, or www.staffordshire.gov.uk/doyourhomework for more information on schools in Staffordshire.