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Helen with gritters
Helen Fisher, cabinet member for highways & transport with the new gritters

New Gritters make their debut in Staffordshire

Nine new state-of-the-art gritters have joined the county’s fleet to help keep the county on the move over the winter.

The new vehicles, armed with the latest technology and safety features have been deployed across the county, and will help keep the roads clear of snow and ice and drivers safe.

The £1m investment by Staffordshire County Council has allowed the replacement of older vehicles and keeps the county’s fleet of gritters and snow ploughs to 40 plus.

The new state of the art vehicle’s come with built-in satellite navigation and can be pre-programmed with the gritting routes. Once a route is selected, salt is spread onto the road automatically at the desired rate and spread width, allowing drivers to give their full attention to driving at all times. Onboard cameras and enhanced visibility will also improve safety for drivers and workers.

Four gritters lined up

The new state-of-the-art gritters ready for action

Helen Fisher, Highways Chief at Staffordshire County Council explained that keeping the county safely on the move over the winter months was a priority and the boost to the fleet would help us do just that.

Helen said:

“The new vehicles have all been put through their paces and are standing by ready for action.  They’re also all fitted with the latest safety and satellite technology to help make sure that drivers can get around safely and that roads get the right amount of grit.

“On a typical winter day or night, our crews will be out largely on key A and B roads, but in prolonged ice or snow we will also be treating less major routes across the network. With our new gritters, more than 20,000 tonnes of salt stockpiled, and the county’s hill contractors also on call on the higher ground we are well prepared for whatever winter throws at us.”

Fully loaded, the new MAN TGM vehicles weigh 18 tonne with a capacity of 6 tonnes of salt in the hopper and the capacity to carry 1200 litres of brine /Molasses which is used to help the salt stick to the road surface.

Other features include a hydraulically controlled Snow plough which can be attached by hand and three external Cameras to assist the driver.

People can find out more about how the county prepares for winter at www.staffordshire.gov.uk/winter