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Philip Atkins
County Councillor Philip Atkins

Leaders Focus on Staffordshire Post Brexit

How to shape a strong Staffordshire after the UK leaves the EU was the focus of leaders from the public and private sector at a Brexit summit in the county today.

Members of the Staffordshire Strategic Partnership – which includes county and city councils, business leaders, police, fire, health, education and housing partners, came together to agree the priorities for the county as exit plans progress.

Staffordshire County Council Leader and Chair of the partnership, Philip Atkins, said it was clear from the summit that partners were determined to play an active role nationally in shaping local priorities from the outset.

Philip said:

“Regardless of what side of the Brexit debate you stand on, the reality is it is happening and here in Staffordshire we want to influence Government in the direction it takes in exiting from the EU and seize every opportunity to get the best deal for Staffordshire, our residents and our businesses post Brexit.

“This is an opportunity for us in many ways to start afresh, look again and focus on what our strategic priorities in the county need to  grow the economy, invest in infrastructure, deliver transport programmes, grow exports and expand the skills agenda and how we can deliver these priorities away from many of the restrictions which also came hand in hand with membership of the EU.

“The Government has made it clear that it wants to involved local leaders and today was the opportunity for leaders across the public and private sector to share their knowledge, insight and expertise to help shape the message we send from Staffordshire not just to audiences in Government, but thanks to the digital age, to potential new audiences across the world.”