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Hospital problem parking tackled

New parking restrictions are being introduced next week to ease parking problems near a hospital.

‘No waiting at any time’ restrictions will be imposed on both sides of the A34 in Newcastle adjacent to the entrance to the University Hospital of North Midlands following complaints that all day parking was impeding traffic.

Helen Fisher, Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet member for Transport and Highways, said:

“There have been two issues in this area which we’ve had to consider.

“There has been concern raised about poor parking around the entrance to the hospital affecting through traffic on the A34 and even making it difficult for ambulances to pass, while we’ve also had to take into consideration the effects of housebuilding nearby.”

On the A34 southbound, between the town centre and the hospital, there will also be full time restrictions introduced between Vessey Terrace and Occupation Street, as well as no parking between 8am and 5pm before its junction with Duke Street.

Work will begin on laying the road markings and erecting signs from Monday, March 11th and enforcement will be active from Wednesday, March 13th.

Helen Fisher added:

“I hope people will take notice of the changes; we have no desire to catch people out, simply keep this main road running smoothly and safely for both passing motorists and those travelling to the hospital.”