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Highways improvements set to improve cycling and walking in Newcastle

People in Newcastle will be able to Walk and cycle more easily and safely from the College to the town following highways improvements to start next week.

The scheme on Knutton Lane and Ashfields New Road will include a new cycleway, upgrades to bus stops and the conversion of the existing zebra crossing to a parallel crossing for use by both pedestrians and cyclists. Additional speed cushions are also proposed along Ashfields New Road.

The works are being delivered by Staffordshire County Council and will start on Monday 24 July to coincide with the first week of the school holidays. Work is expected to be completed before the college reopens for the autumn term.

To ensure the work can be carried out safely and to help minimise disruption, some footpath closures and occasional 2-way traffic lights will be in place. Access to premises will be maintained at all times.

Helen Fisher, Cabinet Support Member for Transport and Highways at Staffordshire County Council said:

“This is an important scheme that will not only make the area safer for pedestrians but will hopefully encourage more people to walk and cycle and use greener modes of travel.

“Walking and cycling have huge benefits for the community and it’s something we are trying to encourage right across the county.  Not only does it help to keep people fit and healthy but it also helps to reduce the number of cars on the roads and ease congestion.

“Throughout the project we have been working closely with the college, local businesses and residents to keep any inconvenience to a minimum.  We also scheduled work in to avoid exam times for students and are doing the work during the holidays when students and staff are off to minimise disruption.”

The scheme includes:-

  • A segregated 3.5m wide footway/cycleway facility along the south side of Knutton Lane between Dunkirk and Castle Hill Road;
  • The upgrade of the existing bus stop adjacent to the college as well as the bus stop opposite No. 96 Knutton Lane;
  • The upgrade of the existing zebra crossing facility on Knutton Lane to a parallel crossing facility for use by both pedestrians and cyclists;
  • The provision of an uncontrolled pedestrian crossing facility to the bellmouth of Prospect Place, Bailey Street and the access to the college car park on Knutton Lane;
  • 2 sets of speed cushions on Ashfields New Road between the junction of Knutton Lane and college car park access.