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Staffordshire County Council is to reduce the number of directors in its senior leadership team.

Hat-trick of lets completes full house

Agreements have been reached to let three retail units on the ground floor of Staffordshire County Council’s main office buildings.

The University of Wolverhampton, The Loungers café bar chain and Sweet Café have all signed on the dotted line to occupy space on the ground floors of the Staffordshire Place 1 and Staffordshire Place 2 buildings on Tipping Street in the centre of Stafford.

Mark Winnington, Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet member for Economic Growth, said:

It was always expected that these units would prove popular once the major retail development had opened at that end of the town centre and so it’s proved.

I’m very pleased they will be generating an income for taxpayers, as well as adding to the vitality of the town centre, and I wish the tenants every success in their different ventures.”

The cafe bar will occupy a unit on the south side of the Staffordshire Place 1 building, while Sweet Café will take up space on the same side of Staffordshire Place 2.

The University will take the last remaining unit on the north side of Staffordshire Place 2 and intends to divide it into space with facilities for ‘social learning’, teaching, meeting and remote working.

Mark Winnington added:

While the University has long had a presence in Stafford, it’s pleasing to see the other two businesses attracted to the town for the first time by the prospect of an attractive location.”

The remaining space on the ground floor of Staffordshire Place 1 is already occupied by the town centre library, which opened there in 2015 after the decision was taken to move to a more open, disabled-friendly location in the heart of Stafford.