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Food outlets urged to be vigilant on allergen free orders

Staffordshire food businesses are being urged to be extra vigilant with allergen free food orders following a rise in complaints from customers about service mistakes.

The county council’s trading standards team has seen an increasing number of complaints about mistakes with orders which have led to reactions – some of which ending in hospitalisation.

With over 4,000 food premises across Staffordshire, a call has gone out for particular care to be taken around allergen notifications and extra vigilance from staff.

Staffordshire County Council’s communities leader Gill Heath said:

This time of year is the busiest for restaurants and food outlets and many Staffordshire people will be visiting them over the next week. Unfortunately we have seen a rise in the number of people experiencing problems as a result of advice not being noted or wrong food orders, which isn’t acceptable. With over 4,000 premises across the county, our team cannot visit them all and so we’re making a plea to them to be extra vigilant and explain to their employees what a serious issue this is. We want these businesses to thrive and for people to be able to enjoy meals out safely and with confidence.”