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Staffordshire County Council is to reduce the number of directors in its senior leadership team.

The Final Countdown in the County Council Elections

Counting of votes in the county council election is now underway with an overall result expected to be declared mid-afternoon.

Tamworth Borough Council was the only area to count overnight with the Conservatives winning all six seats. The remaining districts and boroughs will start verifying and counting votes from 9.30am

John Henderson, Staffordshire County Council’s Chief Executive and County Returning Officer, will be announcing the results at they come in from the district and borough council counts.

All 62 seats at the county council were contested in yesterday’s election and with a number of county councillors deciding to step down, 17 new councillors will be joining the council.

The new Cabinet will be announced at a meeting of the Full Council on May 25.

You can follow the results as they come in today on our election page www.staffordshire.gov.uk/elections and follow on twitter #SCC2017 #Localelections2017