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i54 South Staffordshire expansion
i54 South Staffordshire expansion

County starts new financial year on near full employment

Staffordshire has started the new financial year on near full employment, statistics published today show.

Just 1.6 per cent of the local population is claiming out of work benefits, lower than both regional (3.3 per cent) and national (2.6 per cent) averages.

County council leader Philip Atkins said major new developments this year would further boost employment opportunities.

He added:

It is good news that we have started the new financial year with near full employment and our focus continues to be on supporting the creation of better paid, better skilled jobs for people in Staffordshire.

In June we will start work on the western extension at i54 South Staffordshire – a huge project which will result in hundreds more jobs being created. The success of the current site has been huge and is now nearly fully occupied.

Meanwhile we now have full occupancy at the county council-developed Four Ashes Business Park and the first business will be moving on to Meaford Business Park, where we laid the foundations for the on-site development.

Working with the local enterprise partnership and other partners, our efforts remain to ensure we are attracting the right type of business to the county and that people have the skills needed to take advantage of the better paid job opportunities.”