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Charges to cover cost of recycling non-household waste

Small charges to cover the cost of recycling non-household waste are being introduced on November 1st at Staffordshire’s household waste recycling centres.

A big bag of soil and or rubble will cost £3; plasterboard will cost £4 per sheet, or big bag; and tyres will cost £4 each.

Gill Heath, Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for Environment and the Communities, said:

Our recycling centres take domestic waste produced during normal day-to-day household life free of charge and that will continue unchanged.

But waste generated by DIY, home improvements or extensive landscaping of gardens is not legally regarded as household rubbish and, like many other councils, we’ve decided to cover the cost of processing it.”
The charges will apply at the council’s waste recycling centres at Biddulph, Bilbrook, Burntwood, Burton, Cannock, Cheadle, Leek, Lichfield, Newcastle, Rugeley, Stafford, Stone, Uttoxeter and Wombourne.

Gill Heath added:

Charging to cover the costs of disposing of such materials as soil, rubble, plasterboard and tyres will ensure that we continue to offer residents a convenient way to dispose of awkward and difficult waste.

At the same time reducing the cost of recycling will allow us to focus on supporting the most vulnerable people in society and statutory services in Staffordshire.”
Payment can be made at the recycling centres by debit or credit card, but not by cash, and standard ‘rubble’ bags, with a base measuring 76cm by 96cm, will also be available for purchase there.

This type of waste brought by the public is not classed as trade waste. Asbestos will still be accepted at the Bilbrook, Burton, Cannock, Leek, Stafford and Wombourne sites designated for handling it between the hours of 1 and 3pm.