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Dignity Awards 2017
Dignity Awards 2017

Carers honoured for going the extra mile for dignity

Carers from across Staffordshire have been recognised for “going the extra mile” at the county’s Dignity in Care Awards.

Over 200 carers were joined by family members and work colleagues for the annual celebration held at Newcastle College of Performing Arts on 2nd August.

The Staffordshire County Council awards recognise care services and individuals who Ensure people in care are treated with dignity and respect, and are given choice, control and a sense of purpose in their daily lives.

Lesley Flatley, from Davlyn House won Carer of the Year Award which recognises individuals who have gone the extra mile in supporting a relative or friend.

The Unpaid Carer award went to Donna Kelso.

Young Dignity Champion went to Richard Byatt and Harry Byatt for Recognising outstanding individuals who act as an example to others.

Awards were presented by Allan White, Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Health, Care and wellbeing, Chief Executive John Henderson, TV personality Rachel Shenton and Comedienne and Mental Health Counsellor: Sheila McMahon.  Music for the event was provided by Old Time Music Hall and Borderlines artistes: Jean & Eva.

Alan White, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Health, Care and Wellbeing at Staffordshire County Council said:

“The Dignity in Care awards are a wonderful celebration of those people who provide the highest level of care in our communities, always going the extra mile to help others”

“Once again, we received many outstanding nominations for individuals and organisations which made judging very difficult indeed.  I would like to thank all our winners and all those highly commended for the high quality of support they provide.”

Other categories included the Creativity Award that went to Mandy Parks with Kerry Mclaughlin and Richard Bradbury being Highly Commended. Home Instead Day Support Team won the organisation award with Silverlinks Befriending Service (Dr J Pash) being Highly Commended.

The Community Award for maintaining dignity by ensuring that people are active members of their local community went to Yvonne Kinson and Ruth Bate.  Biddulph Doctors and Biddulph District Nurses won the organisation award with St Luke’s Church in Tittensor being Highly Commended.

Learning Award for Promoting dignity through learning, training or knowledge went to Geoff Aris with Christine Rose being Highly Commended.

Donna Kelso from Stafford said:

“The Dignity awards are very special. In a world that seems to focus mainly on the negative aspects of caring and organisations that provide care, it is wonderful to hear so many heartfelt and genuine stories of why others decide to nominate people for these awards. To come together in a positive way to celebrate is so good and raises the spirits of everyone concerned. To be nominated for an award was a great shock, but very much appreciated. I was overwhelmed and honoured to be chosen as the winner, when I believe that every person in the room was a winner and deserved recognition and an award for all the wonderful things that they do. Thank you to Carematch for making it possible and for giving all carers their day to shine.”

Lesley Flatley from Stoke-on-Trent said:

“The 2nd August 2017 was a very special day for me; it was an honour and a privilege to be awarded the Staffordshire Dignity Award for the Individual Carer.

“To be nominated for this award was humbling and very touching, winning was something that was not expected, to have been nominated was enough, knowing that you have made a difference to others is the very best reward. To hear the special words that others say left me feeling very proud.  At a time when social care is often portrayed in a very poor light to attend awards where good practice is celebrated and talked about was a very special experience. There is so much to celebrate in the Care Sector, where ordinary people are striving to drive up standards every day in often difficult situations (with out expecting recognition or thanks)  to make each day special for the people for who whom we care, this is the perfect showcase to display the qualities that exist in the Sector. I can begin the express how much winning this award means to me, but it is not just for me it is for everyone who is part of our team and the other caring people in the other services, that compliment and add to the service we provide.”

Talking about Harry and Richard winning the young carer award, Mrs Victoria Byatt said:

“When Harry and Richard received the invitation to the event they were excited but nervous as it’s not something that happens when you’re only 12!! They were quite worried as they seemed the youngest there when we arrived and didn’t know what to expect. They soon relaxed by tucking into the cakes and biscuits and Harry even had a quick piano lesson from a lovely gent who was Aldi an award winner. They really enjoyed the afternoon and got quite excited as their category was last on the list. We had purposely played it down about winning as I didn’t want them to be very disappointed. In our eyes they were already winners for being nominated…. their faces were incredible when they won and I think that moment will stay with them for ever (obviously I cried as I was so proud)

After receiving the award I couldn’t keep them quiet to listen to anything else as they were hyper and couldn’t wait to tell all there friends. Family and Friends were over the moon for them both and Richard enjoyed all the attention (as his Epilepsy usually brings the wrong type of attention for a 12yr old)

As twins you can imagine what it felt like to win the award together and all the fundraising they do is always done together. Richard has been inspirational since being diagnosed with Epilepsy and that’s why he was nominated as he’s always happy and smiling. Harry has supported his brother through every seizure and looks out for him 24hrs a day so it was important that he got recognised to.

The Young Epilepsy Charity were over the moon with the boys award and featured it in there media posts. For us as a family it’s a great big positive and motivating boost for our sons and they don’t really understand how they can win an award for doing all their charity (fun) events. Richard actually said “It’s really good fun having Epilepsy” so thanks guys for recognising him.