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A Fallow Deer stag, one of the many species of deer on Cannock Chase.

Cannock Chase to host Deer Awareness Day

The wild deer on Cannock Chase are one of the county’s natural treasures and now these majestic animals are set to get a day of their own.

Staffordshire County Council’s Ranger Service and the British Deer Society are teaming up to help raise awareness of issues affecting the deer.

Deer Awareness Day is on Sunday 21 August from 10.30am to 4pm at the Marquis Drive Visitor Centre on Cannock Chase.

The event is free and includes a herd of activities aiming to teach visitors about the Chase’s deer and how they can help ensure they are protected and enjoyed for future generations.

Visitors can learn about the different species of deer on the Chase with antlers and skins for children to handle. Information on vehicle collisions, the measures in place to prevent road accidents and advice on what to do if you hit a deer is also available.  Other displays include the reasons why not to feed deer, the importance of keeping dogs on leads on the Chase and the threat of poaching.

Gill Heath, Cabinet Member for Communities and the Environment at Staffordshire County Council, said:

This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the wonderful stags and does on Cannock Chase and what you can do to help protect them. They are an iconic sight on our landscape, however in recent times many issues have affected the deer such as road collisions, dogs and poaching.

“Our rangers are working hard to keep the deer safe and events like this will help keep the public informed. Everybody is welcome and the event offers the chance to pick up a few tips on the do’s and don’t’s when around deer while having lots of fun.”

It’s estimated by The Deer Initiative that there are up to 75,000 deer-vehicle collisions each year in the UK, with between 400 and 700 people injured.

This year, Staffordshire County Council began the ‘White Bag’ project using simple cotton bags on fence posts to keep deer from wandering into roads. This scheme along with special deer warning signs is helping to keep the number of accidents involving deer to a minimum.