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Trading standards team reminds people of e-cigarette dangers

Staffordshire people are being reminded of the potential dangers of e-cigarettes by the county council’s trading standards team following a warning by burns surgeons.

The warning comes after a rise in the number of people being treated by surgeons for burns caused by exploding e-cigarette batteries.

Trading standards officers have said people should only buy e-cigarette products from reputable retailers and should check for the CE safety mark. They are also advised to check the packaging is complete and question the price if it is less than similar products. Dangerous e-cigarette batteries may have been illegally imported or are counterfeit.

In February this year, a 20-year-old Tamworth man needed hospital treatment after an e-cigarette battery exploded in his pocket, badly burning his leg.

Staffordshire County Council’s communities leader Gill Heath said:

The warning from surgeons following the rise in serious injuries resulting from faulty e-cigarettes is a stark reminder that people need to be extra careful about the products they buy.
“This is a fairly new product to the market though its use is now widespread. We would therefore urge people to ensure they are buying the genuine article from legitimate retailers.
“There are a few simple checks you can do to try and spot a fake, but the best advice would be if you’re not sure, don’t buy or don’t use it.
“It’s also worth noting that even genuine e-cigarettes can sometimes fail safety tests, so it’s best to use them with caution and take care with whatever product you have bought.”