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There's never been a better time to give up smoking

Stoptober returns to help Staffordshire smokers give quitting a go

Smokers across Staffordshire are being urged to take part in and join the nearly 15 million people across the country who have already quit.

The smoking rate across Staffordshire has fallen by 3% over the past four years to 13.6%. Last year, over 3000 people signed up to Stoptober in the county.

Out of the 2.5 million smokers who made a quit attempt in 2015, 500,000 people (20%) were successful – the highest recorded success rate and up from just 13.6% six years ago.

This increase in successful stop smoking attempts reflects the high number of people using quitting aids across England. In 2015, just over a million people (1,027,000) used an e-cigarette in a quit attempt while around 700,000 used a licensed nicotine replacement product such as patches or gum.

County Councillor Alan White, Cabinet Member for Health, Care and Wellbeing at Staffordshire County Council said: “Quitting smoking is not easy, but Stoptober is the best time to get motivated as it increases awareness of all the support out there.  It’s not just about quitting the habit; it’s about behavioural and one-to-one support too.  There’s a whole range of options available, even if a smoker has tried to quit before.”

Along with the health benefits, quitting saves the average smoker over £150 a month and almost £2,000 a year. A recent report by Staffordshire County Council into healthy aging shows that even giving up later in life has health benefits, such as improved circulation and reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, lung disease and cancer.

Alan continued: “Half of all smokers die from smoking-related illnesses, so if you are thinking of giving up then this is just the time to do so, no matter what your age. Not only is not smoking good for your health, but it also good for your family and friends who may breathe in the smoke.”

People wanting to quit, or find out more about their local services can call Staffordshire County Council’s contact centre on 0300 111 8006.