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Key stage 2

Staffordshire pupils rise to the challenge of tougher tests

New Key Stage 2 results have revealed 11 year olds in Staffordshire are rising to the challenge of tougher tests.

Results show pupils in the county are achieving the same as their peers on a national level, meaning they are setting themselves up for more exam success in the future.

The revised tests, designed to measure pupils’ abilities in reading, writing and maths, have been made more difficult in an effort to raise standards in primary schools.

The results are also being presented differently—instead of giving each pupil a level like in previous years, each pupil is now expected to achieve a total score of 100 or above.

Results show that 53% of children in Staffordshire have achieved the expected standard 100 score in reading, writing and maths combined, equalling the national figure.

Individual results also show Staffordshire pupils are achieving in line with the national average in reading, writing and maths. Reading is at 67% compared to 66% nationally, writing at 74% which equals the national picture, and maths at 69% compared to 70% nationally.

County Councillor Ben Adams, Cabinet Member for Learning and Skills, said that today’s results show that Staffordshire pupils have really risen to the challenge of the new tougher tests.

He said:

“These new tests have really challenged pupils.  We can’t really compare results to last year, given that the tests and the results are presented are different, but we can say that the majority of 11 year olds in Staffordshire are achieving the standard expected of them.

“Along with our school improvement partner Entrust, we give a lot of support to help raise standards in schools, including support on teaching, learning, and assessment. We also encourage schools to form partnerships with others to ensure they are making the most of local expertise and experience.

“Now, the task is to ensure every child in Staffordshire has the opportunity to attend an excellent school, fulfil their potential and be equipped with the skills and knowledge to lead fulfilling lives and rewarding careers.”