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Enjoy Staffordshire’s Richard Swancott, Staffordshire Residents Rose Hampton & Anthony Gale, Cllr Mark Winnington, Staffordshire Artists Mark Lippett and Gillian Davies, Staffordshire Resident Gemma Styles

Share your mugshot on Staffordshire Day

There’s an easy, brand new way to get involved with Staffordshire Day (Tuesday 1st May) this year – the Staffordshire Day Mugshot!

Enjoy Staffordshire, Staffordshire County Council and the county’s other local authorities want people to share images of themselves on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook holding Staffordshire-made mugs, alongside the #StaffordshireDay hashtag.

The Staffordshire Day Mugshot could feature an iconic heritage pattern like the Burleigh Calico design, a modern day classic such as Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot, or show the ‘backstamp’ on the bottom of the mug, revealing where it was made.

The idea is to celebrate Staffordshire’s world-famous ceramic heritage and contribute to the buzz on social media.

The #StaffordshireDay hashtag has trended on Twitter for the past two years during Staffordshire Day, with more than 4000 tweets on the day in 2017, and organisers are hoping to better that total this year.

Mark Winnington, Cabinet Member for Economic Growth at Staffordshire County Council and Vice Chair of Enjoy Staffordshire said:

“With just less than a month to go until Staffordshire Day and with lots of exciting activities planned, we are all incredibly excited about the celebrations.

“Most people will be aware of Staffordshire’s long history of great pottery and ceramics and this year, we’ll be shouting about this in our mugshot campaign.

“This will be a fun way of highlighting our wonderful heritage while showing off to the world what a great place Staffordshire really is and why we are so proud of our county.”

For further details on Staffordshire Day events taking place in your area visit: www.enjoystaffordshire.gov.uk/staffordshireday