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Reshaped drug and alcohol plans will treat those most in need

Plans for reshaped drug and alcohol services aim to ensure that people in the most need will not have to wait for treatment.

The redesigned service will be streamlined to make the best use of available resources, with people classed as ‘high risk’ being accepted on treatment programmes as soon as possible.

The plans will also ensure that the service can cope safely with the number of people in treatment at any given time.

They come after consultation with key people to determine the key focus of the service, and work by commissioners and service providers to turn those principles into the redesigned service.

Councillor Alan White, cabinet member for health, care and wellbeing, said:

“The county council has had to make some difficult decisions across the whole organisation in order to be able to set a balanced budget for next year. This includes reducing funding for some health and care services in order to allow us to maintain and increase funding for other services.

“Drugs and alcohol can have a terrible impact on some people’s lives, and we recognise that these services are vital. But, we have a balancing act with having to provide other services. This is why we will be focusing services on those who are in immediate need of treatment.

“We will still be investing £5m a year into these services, and our priority now is to work with partners so we can continue to support those who need help the most.”

Plans for the new service will be discussed at Staffordshire County Council’s Healthy Staffordshire Select Committee on 31 January.