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Plan your journey in advance and enjoy the Easter getaway

People are being advised to plan their journey if heading away for Easter and use Staffordshire’s new highways smart phone app for the latest traffic information.

The Roadzwork app was launched recently – helping people avoid roadworks and other incidents on their local, regular routes by informing them before they set out. At the moment, the app covers Staffordshire roads only, though looks set to be rolled out wider. People can add any Staffordshire route to find out about works, incidents or public events which may cause delays when they reach the location. The app is available today on the App Store for iOS (by searching for ‘roadzwork’) and is being developed for both Android and Windows operating systems.

People travelling further afield can check the Roadworks.org website, which has all of the latest traffic information. Staffordshire is one of many councils and utility companies which now feeds all of its works information into www.roadworks.org  meaning people can view the latest updates across the county and nationally. The site lets people know where work is taking place, at what times, who is carrying it out and how it affects traffic flow. It also provides live traffic flow information, enabling people to avoid congested areas or plan more time for their journey.

In addition to planning journeys in advance, motorists are being urged to check vehicle and tyre conditions before they head out on the roads to ensure they’re travelling safely.

Anyone using the train this weekend should check for engineering works and altered services from Friday. All train company service changes can be found at

Staffordshire County Council’s head of highways James Bailey said:

This is the first bank holiday of the year and we’d expect major routes in Staffordshire to be busy.
“If people are planning local trips they should try our new Roadzwork app – giving them latest updates on their routes. Those travelling around the country can view latest travel information on the Roadworks.org website. This also shows traffic flow so people can see which roads are busiest. We want people travelling over the weekend to have stress-free journeys and accessing the latest information could help.”

Roadzwork has resulted from a pilot project funded by Innovate UK, which is part of the Government Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy. Stoke-based Beepz LLP won the contract to develop the app.