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Meet one of Staffordshire Libraries’ youngest volunteers

12-year-old Korben Butterworth wants to be a teacher and says volunteering at his local library will help him achieve his dream.

Korben is one of Staffordshire Libraries Services’ youngest volunteers and teaches children computer programming at Code Club in Stafford library.

Now Korben is reminding people about the range of exciting activities available in libraries and the many opportunities to volunteer there.

Korben said:

“I love volunteering at the Library and the Children’s Code Club, it’s ace.  I love working with computers and programming and enjoy showing other people how to do it.  I think I’d like to be a teacher one day and hopefully this will help kick start this.  Libraries are fun places with lots of stuff to get involved with and I’d definitely encourage people to be a volunteer, it’s good to be able to help other people and it’s fun.”

Staffordshire Libraries Service currently has over 800 volunteers helping out across its 43 libraries.  In return for helping for a minimum of just two hours a week, volunteers can help out with a range of duties from managing stock, serving customers and promoting a supportive learning environment. Volunteer IT Buddies also play a vital role in most libraries showing people how to access the latest technology, computers and the Internet.

Gill Heath, cabinet member responsible for Staffordshire’s libraries said:

“Korben is a great example of the difference that volunteers can make in their local library and the fact that he is only 12 is wonderful.  He’s a great role model for other young people and shows that you’re never too young to volunteer.

“Volunteers already play an important role in our libraries – helping and advising customers, organising books and resources and helping out with reading groups and other activities.  We’re extremely grateful to all our volunteers and if anyone wants to get involved I’m sure your local library would love to hear from you.”

As well as access to over one million books, an ever growing number of e-books and e-magazines, computers and free Wi-Fi.  Libraries also play host to many groups and activities.  These include reading groups, jobsearch workshops, crossword clubs, knit n’ natter, babies bounce and rhyme and family history groups.

Staffordshire’s libraries offer a range of volunteering roles to help people explore their own interests while making a difference in their local community.  Anyone interested in finding out more can visit: www.staffordshire.gov.uk/volunteerinyourlibrary.