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A – Levels: choosing the right Post-16 education is key to success

Choosing the right Post-16 education is key to future success, Staffordshire County Council’s education chief has said today.

As young people up and down the country receive their A-Level results, County Councillor Ben Adams has stressed the importance of young people being given the tools to make informed choices about their future.

Congratulating every young person who has received their A-Level results today (Thursday) Ben said:

“I wish everyone receiving exam results every success in the future, whatever their next steps may be.

“The majority of people will have achieved the grades they need to go on to University, but those who haven’t shouldn’t lose heart. There are thousands of good university places on offer through the clearing process, and there will certainly be a course available that suits them.

“In Staffordshire, we want to be sure that students have access to the best education and are able to make real choices about whether their future is best served by pursuing an academic path or a vocational one. There is now more choice than ever for post-16 education, and we have been helping organisations to look their Post-16 offer to ensure it reflects the changing local economy.

“There is an increasing recognition of the need for even more apprenticeships, which the county council has been promoting for some time to meet the demands employers locally, and an increasing interest by universities in providing vocational qualifications and degree level apprenticeships.

“As a county—and indeed nationally—we should be matching young people’s aspirations with their skills and giving them the best chance to secure the job that they want in an ever competitive market. Then our young people will know that whatever path they choose, they will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to pursue it.”

The county council’s special dedicated website, www.staffordshire.gov.uk/brightfutures  helps young people and parents along their journey to a successful career, including information on places to study and where jobs are likely to be in Staffordshire.