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County Councillor Mark Deaville

Highways improvements for Staffordshire village

A highways scheme to improve road safety in a Staffordshire village is being planned for this financial year.

The initial phase of the scheme at Freehay crossroads near Cheadle has seen the installation of temporary traffic lights on all four approaches to the junction.

Following consultation with the local community, further work planned for later in the year will see a change to the traffic priority at the crossroads and the temporary traffic lights removed. The new proposal would mean that traffic travelling on School Lane and Counslow Road would have priority and traffic on Hollington Road and Rakeway Road would have to give way. This would also be supported by a speed limit reduction from 60MPH to 30MPH on all four approaches.

The scheme would also include resurfacing, kerb re-alignment and new signs including the relocation of the current flashing Vehicle Activated Signs. Work to cut back hedges on the approaches to the junction, to help improve visibility for drivers, is also being planned.

The proposals follow a review of road traffic collisions that have taken place here over recent years.

County Councillor Mark Deaville explained that the improvements planned were great news for residents and they would certainly help improve road safety at the junction.

Mark said:

“Improving road safety at this junction has been one of my top priorities for a number of years now and I’m pleased with the proposed improvements.

“I do understand the concerns that local people have with regard to the recent spate of incidents here and would like to reassure them that priority has been placed on these works.

Mark added:

“I am extremely close to my local community and I listen when they voice concerns about safety in this area. I share their worries and I am determined that we take action to reduce the alarming number of “cross over” collisions. We have to take action on these vehicles just not stopping at the STOP signs.

“Our Highways teams have already carried out a number of improvements at Freehay and this latest scheme will help to improve safety even further.”

Helen Fisher, Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways at Staffordshire County Council added:

“Keeping our roads among the safest in the country is one of our top priorities.

“We listen to residents when they have concerns and our highways teams have carried out a number of improvements at Freehay in  recent years. These latest improvements will improve safety further at the junction.”

Public consultation on the speed limit reductions and changes of priority to drivers is expected to start soon.