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Work underway preparing for the new bridge across the A50 at Uttoxeter

Good road and rail links crucial for growth

Good roads and rail links are crucial for residents, businesses and continuing to grow a strong economy, Philip Atkins  the Leader of Staffordshire County Council said today.

As Midlands Connect – the partnership responsible for powering the strategic transport plans for the Midlands Engine – published it’s annual report today, the county council leader said improvements to train travel and strategic A routes must go hand in hand to ease the congestion on our busy motorways and support growth..

Philip said:

As a county council we continue to work closely with our partners  to improve connectivity and ensure the right infrastructure is in place to support the development of businesses and much needed housing development.

The annual report of Midlands Connect details strategic options for Midlands railway and motorway hubs, the role of HS2 and wider proposals to improve connectivity across the region to support both local, regional and national economies.

In Staffordshire, our motorways are extremely busy and it is vital that we invest in a robust A road network including the A50, A5, A449 and A500 to meet day-to-day travel demands and support local growth projects.

The Government is looking to create a new Major Road Network (MRN) to identify and fund improvements to key roads and ,with our partners at Midlands Connect and the Constellation Partnership to the North, we will be looking to see some of these strategic A roads and well as motorways included in the MRN.

This together with improving the M6/M54 north link, creating better motorway junctions and encouraging more travel on public commercial buses and trains , will be key in easing congestion, reducing pressure on the motorway network and securing long-term growth and development.”

Further details of the Midlands Connect report can be found here.