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Traffic using South Walls, Stafford, illegally will be targeted from September.

Crackdown on drivers ignoring road signs

Motorists taking illegal short-cuts along a town centre street face a crackdown from next month.

A permanent enforcement camera will monitor South Walls, Stafford, from September.

The only vehicles allowed to enter South Walls from the roundabout at the junction of Greengate Street and Mill Bank are buses, ‘Hackney cab’ taxis and bicycles. Cars, motorbikes and private hire taxis are not allowed.

Helen Fisher, Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet member for Highways and Transport, said:

With the success of the Riverside shops there are far more pedestrians in that part of the town centre, so it’s important that we control the volume of traffic there for their safety.

Too many drivers ignore the restrictions at the moment so first we will improve road signs in the area and then we will begin enforcement.

We don’t want motorists to be fined for ignoring road signs, we want them to be aware of the restrictions in the area and behave accordingly.”

Traffic approaching the junction from Greengate Street and Mill Bank that isn’t allowed on to South Walls should head south on to Bridge Street. If Bridge Street is closed to traffic at night due to the number of pedestrians using the pubs and restaurants there, vehicles should leave the roundabout along Mill Bank.

The enforcement camera will also catch all vehicles travelling west along South Walls that ignore the ‘no entry’ signs at the junction with Greengate Walk and continue to the Greengate Street and Mill Bank roundabout.

The camera will installed this month and become operational at some point in September. Fines are £60 reduced to £30 if paid within 28 days.