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An external review of Staffordshire County Council's performance found many positives.

County Council Reduces Size of Top Team

Staffordshire County Council has reduced the number of directors on its senior leadership team.

The move, approved at a meeting of Full Council today, will help close a £35m shortfall in the council’s budget in 2019-20 and deliver ongoing savings in future years.

John Tradewell is to be appointed as the new Director of Corporate Services. Andy Burns, the Director of Finance and Resources, will now leave the authority and his current post will be redundant.

Leader of the Council, Philip Atkins, said:

“I’d like to express our thanks to Andy Burns and wish him well for the future. As our Director of Finance and Resources, Andy has been at the heart of shaping and developing our vision for a Connected County. He has played a leading role in our work to improve the lives of people in Staffordshire and improve our performance as a well-run council during the past nine years.

“He was pivotal to key successes including delivery of the UK’s largest health and social care trust, establishing the Entrust joint venture company to deliver support to schools, and enabling major economic development projects, like i54 South Staffordshire.

“Andy also drove our Medium Term Financial Strategy, helping to reduce our costs by £240m over the last nine years, through one of the most difficult periods in local government history, and ensuring we could reinvest in transforming the way the council is run.

“In addition, his national roles as President of both CIPFA and the Society of County Treasurers, has enabled Andy to bring insight and exert influence for the benefit of both Staffordshire and his profession.”

Andy Burns said:

“It has been a real privilege to serve in Staffordshire, which I have always done with a clear focus on outcomes for our citizens; on improvement through innovation, ensuring excellent financial management and providing value for money for taxpayers.

“I would like to thank everyone that I have worked with during my 12 years here in Staffordshire – members, colleagues, partners and especially all of the staff within Finance and Resources for their advice, help and support.”