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Changes to home care will reduce the need to long term care

Over 2,500,000 hours of home care is provided to 5,500 elderly and disabled people in Staffordshire each year.

Now, Staffordshire County Council wants to change the way this care is sourced so it focusses more on a person’s own personal goals, and reduces the need for longer term care.

The proposals, which will go to the county council’s cabinet on September 21, will also ensure that the care on offer represents the best value for money, and has the greatest benefit for local people in all parts of the county.

If agreed, care providers will offer a more personalised service that focuses on an individual’s ambitions. They will also be free to seek alternatives to the traditional care.

A flexible approach to commissioning will mean that care contracts will be able to reflect the care market in individual areas, reducing any current disparities in boroughs and districts.

County Councillor Alan White, Cabinet Member for Health, Care and Wellbeing said:

“Demand for home care services is increasing nationally, and in Staffordshire we are tackling similar challenges.

“We want to ensure people lead live healthy and happy lives at home for as long as possible and we want to offer people both flexibility and choice in the care they receive.”

“People must be at the heart of every decision. By refocusing our approach, ending any disparities seen across different areas of the county, and tailoring our procurement to get the best value for money in every part of Staffordshire, we can ensure that every person using health and social care will receive quality services that promote their independence and lead to an improved quality of life.”