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Campaign to keep young bikers safe continues with latest event

Young bikers from across Staffordshire are being urged to attend the latest in a series of events as part of a campaign to promote safer riding on the county’s roads.

Anyone attending will be offered a £50 voucher off the cost of their Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course which allows them to ride on the roads.

The Pre-CBT workshop takes place at Uttoxeter Fire Station, 49 Cheadle Road, on Thursday September 6 from 6.30pm to 9.30pm. It is open to 15 to 21 year-olds to from across Staffordshire.

To receive the voucher, they must attend a two-hour pre-CBT workshop which offers advice on safer riding, rules of the road and an overview of the Highway Code. The CBT would then be taken in Burton or Uttoxeter through LDC Training.

Places are limited and young people need to book by emailing bikers@staffordshire.gov.uk or by contacting Kevin Wilcox on 07855 336922. The campaign is being co-ordinated by the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership.

Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport Helen Fisher said that the county continues to have some of the safest roads in the country.

Helen added:

While we have seen a reduction in motorcycle casualties over the last 10 years which is encouraging news, we want to reduce this even further.

Young bikers are particularly vulnerable and at risk on the roads and our new workshops will not only give them the extra knowledge and skills to keep them safe but they’ll save money on the cost of their CBT too.”

Other initiatives to improve the safety of young bikers include the ‘The Adventures of Biker Jack’ mobile app, with more advice, videos and a Face Mat competition run through the ‘StaffsBikerJack Facebook page.

Further details on the campaigns are also available on http://www.staffsyoungriders.co.uk