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Staffordshire pupils exceed the national trend for Key Stage 2

Eleven-year-olds in Staffordshire are exceeding the national trend when it comes to their attainment at Key Stage 2.

Results show pupils in the county are attaining above the national average in all areas, meaning they are setting themselves up for more exam success in the future.

The revised exams implemented from 2016, designed to measure pupils’ abilities in reading, writing and maths, are more challenging in an effort to raise standards in primary schools.

Results show that nearly 63% of children in Staffordshire have achieved the expected standard 100 score in reading, writing and maths combined, exceeding the national figure of 61%.

Individual results also show Staffordshire pupils have attained above the national average in reading, writing and maths.  Reading is at over 73% compared to 71% nationally, with maths at nearly 76% compared to 75% nationally.

In writing, which is assessed in school, nearly 78% of pupils met the expected standard which is again above the national average of 76%.

County Councillor Philip White, Cabinet Support Member for Learning and Employability said that today’s results show that Staffordshire pupils are working harder than ever.

He said:

“The hard work and persistence of pupils is really paying off.  We are now above the national average in every element of Key Stage 2, showing that the majority of pupils in the county have risen to the challenge and are meeting the standard expected of them.

“Along with our school improvement partner Entrust, we provide support to help raise standards in schools, including support on teaching, learning, and assessment. Schools are also in partnerships with others to ensure they are making the most of local expertise and experience.

“Pupils and teachers are working harder than ever, and it’s good to see this hard work paying off.  These results will set them up for future success, so they can lead fulfilling lives and rewarding careers.”